Email Marketing
Benefits of email marketing service that we offer

Email Marketing

At Awaissoft, we offer you email marketing service with campaigns and will deliver you complacent designs required for your business. We look for services that offer intuitive tools that will help you in quick uploading of list of contacts. We also look for products that give you the flexibility to adjust the designs on your email marketing messages which reflects your company’s image. You will be provided few options like choosing electronic newsletter and viral marketing. Such market is known as direct online marketing. This marketing system is less expensive than the other media expenses like printed newsletters and direct mail. It will be a lot easier for you to manage and track your un-subscribed users. In addition to up to date designs we also search for products that are easy to learn and use so you can spend your time with your customers instead of online chat with tech support.

As anyone can send bulk email but there are few who can create a particular campaign in order to produce good results. Through this service, you will be delivered several marketing campaigns as we understand the needs and approach suitable for your businesses. You will also be provided news updates and subscription services where the information regarding the latest happenings will be sent through email. It tends to be a strong way to interact and communicate with your customers as you will constantly be checking the mails which will be the basic task.

It will also help you to maintain your email database for information security. This sort of marketing is also fast in comparison to any other trendy media advertisement. The emails that you are sending to your target customers will be received by them in a short span of time.

The best benefits of Email Marketing Services are:

  • Sending Electronic Marketing Mailers to the customers for enhancing customer relationship with the merchant.
  • Sending Electronic Promotional Mailers to the peoples for getting new customers and to conveyance your old customers to buy the product and services as offered in the Email Marketing Mailers.
  • Email marketing is fast if we compared this to other trendy media advertisement. Your Email will be delivered to your clients e-mail in a few seconds or few minutes.
  • News Subscription services for the latest happening information by Email.
  • Email Marketing is less expensive compared to other media expenses such as printed newsletters & direct mail.
  • It’s easy to track and manage your un-subscribed users.
  • It is the strong and instant way to communicate with your targeting customers because the research reports that any businessmen’s first task is to check their E-mails.
  • These Promotional E-mails can be personalised easily.

Text Marketing
“Over 90% of texts from sms messaging campaigns are read by recipients, generating average response rates of 15-30% or more. Take that, traditional media.”

Awaissoft can implement and execute an SMS messaging campaign for your brand with very little effort needed on your part. We constantly strive to create unique SMS text message campaigns and would love to hear some of your ideas.